Are You Ready For A... 
Wellness Makeover
Does any of this sound like you?
  •  Tired all the are always on the go and never feel like you have enough energy,
  •  Emotions aren't feel out of balance or have varying mood swings,
  •  Stuck in your've tried diets but never felt like you were going anywhere.
  •   Want to be health conscious...but have no idea where to even start.
Then watch these step-by-step easy to follow videos I have created to get you focussed on LIFESTYLE choices, which will lead to Wellness.
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Dr Phil Wilhelm

I’ve been involved in the Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing scene for nearly 20 years and have always been an Entrepreneur. I excelled early in my life going door-to-door in boy scouts to sell more pizzas than anyone and loved the thrill of the sale. 

When I was first introduced to the Direct Sales model I was instantly hooked and saw the potential of getting directly rewarded for my efforts. Through the years, I have been involved with three different companies and have been an award-winning consultant in both sales and recruiting with all three. 

I’ve also earned numerous incentive trips from the companies that have taken me around the world. I have also been contracted by direct-sales companies to provide training and education to consultant leaders.

I love helping people live their best life. I have a PhD in Education with a specialization in curriculum & instruction. After spending 10 years teaching at the university level, I retired early to take my business to the next level and live by my mantra of “Own Your Life.” 

I am passionate about sharing and helping people to find financial freedom, so they can own their life. In my spare time, you can usually find me teaching Pilates, playing music at my church or being chased by my crazy and slightly neurotic fur babies.
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